We're closing down...

We're closing down...

It's true, we're closing down our website... But just for 24 hours.

From Sunday 24th November at 4pm GMT you won't be able to purchase from CIRCULR until the Blackout launch on Monday, November 25th at 4pm GMT.

Everything will be up to 70% off for 7 days.

Why are we telling you this now?

Yes it will cost us sales. However, we'd hate to be miscommunicated to and buy something that dropped in price before we got it. So purchase with the knowledge that we'll never lie to you. No B/S FOREVER!

During the No B/S BLACKOUT you'll have a week to grab enormous discounts that you won't be able to get again.

In the coming weeks, you'll be bombarded with discounts from brand's promising you things. Then they'll change the goal posts and drop the prices at the last moment. 

We think that's B/S.

So here's our plan...

Grab up to 70% off EVERYTHING from Monday, November 25th at 4pm GMT.

Take note; if a style sells out, it won't be available again this year. 

Here's our advice:

  • Choose the styles you want.
  • Wait until Monday at 4pm GMT.
  • Watch the price drop.
  • Buy it fast :)





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