The Story Behind CIRCULR


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We swear by our customers and we want you to pay the best possible price. 

NO UNNECESSARY MARKUP'S (What we call Bullsh*t)

CIRCULR is a new watch brand on a mission to make premium, fashionable watches that are so affordable, you can literally buy one every month.

We want to disrupt how people think about watches, gone are the days of owning just one watch. 

We think everyone deserves their own watch collection. 


To get our watches to the right price we cut the bullsh*t without compromising the quality. The stuff you don't actually need. When was the last time you were 10,000 metres under the sea? Or in space? You can get the date off your phone so we took it out. 

All these unnecessary extras cost money and raise the price you pay. 

With a CIRCULR watch, you get a premium timepiece that looks amazing, without the price tag others charge. 


We launched on Kickstarter and got fully backed! Here's our video