No Bullsh*t 
What does this actually mean?  
Well, let’s start with the story that inspired the brand. 
Once upon a time, a wife bought a husband a Christmas present. That present was a “luxury” branded item and was priced around £250. When said item arrived, the packaging used was so expensive and superfluous it was clear that more cost had gone into this, than the actual product. 
The husband, Danny, decided that this was  
B/S. What if that product could have been half the cost by removing the unnecessary parts that inflated the price? A better quality product but no B/S packaging or inflations that meant the end-customer pays more. 
“No Bullsh*t” was born.  
Danny created CIRCULR as a brand that set out to remove B/S from any products it sells. Starting with “wristwear” (aka watches and bracelets) as this was the product category that inspired the brand. 
No bullsh*t doesn’t mean lower quality. 
Quite the opposite actually. 
It means that the cost of the entire item has been invested into the actual product! Making it a better item after the delivery, packaging and other stuff you don’t keep has gone away. 
After launching, the team felt that it’s advertising costs were being distributed to the wrong people. Paying “influencers” that didn’t care about the brand felt false and the community saw through it. This led to the development of the @circsquad. An army of customers who love the brand and are rewarded by involvement, commission on sales and access to product launches before the public. 
In 2019, CIRC decided to develop making all products 100% cruelty free. After-all, killing or harming animals for products is definitely B/S! 
Coming soon, you’ll see more categories at CIRC. Travelwear, eyewear and backpacks. 
All 100% free from bullsh*t markups.