No bullsh*t.

We talk about this concept a lot at CIRCULR: it’s at the heart of what we do. We strive to create authentic, straight-up quality sunglasses that drop the BS and deliver every time.

It all started back in 2016 when our founder, Danny, bought his wife a Christmas present—a ‘luxury’ branded item that set him back a couple of hundred pounds.

Danny was pretty sure he was about to score some serious husband points. But when the gift arrived, the packaging was so expensive and superfluous, it was clear that more cost had gone into it than the product itself.

‘All fur coat and no knickers’, as they say.

Danny decided this was BS. What if you could halve the retail price by removing the unnecessary extras that inflate the cost? You’d have a better quality product at the end of it—and the customer wouldn’t ultimately take the hit for packaging destined for the bin.

With that, our ‘No Bullsh*t’ model was born.

Together with our co-founder (and former pro-football/soccer player) Leon Scott, we’ve been designing and making premium accessories at fair prices ever since—focusing on delivering quality shades over surplus packaging.

Fast-forward to 2020, and we’re hyped that our eyewear has created a global community of likeminded legends who’ve been repping our sunnies on stages, beaches, pavements and everywhere in between. 

Live your life in CIRCULR motion

Work hard, play harder. We’re inspired by the goal-chasers and trend-leaders: the people who know the life they want, and go out and get it. You’ll find that spirit in our eyewear. It’s bold, authentic and primed for good times.

Join the #CIRCSQUAD and get rewarded

We’re not just another brand paying influencers to big up our products. After launching, we felt our advertising costs were being distributed to people who didn’t care about CIRC, and it felt fake. We called bullsh*t.

That’s why we created @circsquad: an army of customers who love the brand and are rewarded with a commission on sales and access to product launches before the public. You’re the reason we’re here and we want to recognise you for it.

Find out more about becoming a #CIRCSQUAD ambassador here.

This is CIRCULR. Step into the light, free of bullsh*t.

Danny and Leon